The Entertainment of Sport

Sport as Entertainment

sport-as-entertainmentHow did sport become such a large source of entertainment and how does it manage to capture the interest of so many individuals worldwide? Whether it is being an athlete and getting down and dirty while playing a sport or being an invested spectator, the fan base and excitement that has accompanied sports throughout the years has made sports one of the top forms of entertainment found in our lives today. It is amazing the multitude of medias that sport has played a large role in their development and popularity. TV, radio and movies have all benefited from the interest of individuals in sport as well as the use of the games themselves. Events have never been larger with sports becoming the largest spectacles and social events in the entire Country. What makes competition and sport so interesting to us? It is not only interesting but fascinating to the point of obsession. Whether on the field or in the stands, there is a passionate and entertaining side to sports that cannot be argued.

Media Mix

How amazing is it that sports is able to popularize so many forms of media. So many individuals are invested in accessing sports as they are thoroughly entertained by the teams, tournaments, competitions and relationships of the athletes. In every media there is a stable and domineering force in the subject of sports that has contributed to its overall success. One game can be broadcast in a mix of different medias such as radio and tv which allow individuals who cannot attend the sport an opportunity to follow every minute. Someone can be on the field as a player, in the stands as a viewer, or at home as a fan and all are thoroughly invested in the very same match. You can even be in your car and be listening to that very match on the radio.

New Frontier

Sport has become one of the largest, most unifying types of entertainment accessible to people today.


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