Team Loyalty Gone Too Far?

team-loyalty-gone-too-farOne of the most popular aspects of sports is the mentality of the fans and the social atmosphere that being a spectator creates. When watching sports, many individuals group together to enjoy events socially, discuss the ongoings of the game and become heavily invested in the success of their choice team. The mentality that surrounds sports is one that can’t be understood by everyone as these fan groups will behave wildly whether their team wins or loses.

Frantic Fanbase

One sport that specifically comes to mind when discussing extreme fans is football, or, in American terms, Soccer. There are groups of individuals who follow the team and attend every game. These fans will adjust their lives and base everything around the schedule of a team. The teams successes become one of the main sources of happiness as well as a source of despair. With such a high level of investment in the team and these types of fan groups around every single team in the league, there are high incidences of outrage, riots and violence.

Loyal to a Fault

Large sporting events bring together two groups of fan bases into one arena. The groups are not divided based on the team they are cheering for rather the seat they can afford or the seat they chose. This often creates a mixture of fans in the crowd within such a close proximity to each other that they can overhear the others cheering. These fans are so strongly devoted and loyal that they invest a large part of their lives into these sports teams and when they are seated next to someone cheering for their team to lose, it often creates a high level of friction and tension in the crowd. These fan bases will break out into fights from gloating, celebrating and heckling that occurs at these sporting events.

The strong fan base and social culture surrounding sports is constantly growing and evolving. People are taking an entirely new route to following their favorite sports team and with big time fans, it has become integrated in every aspect of their lives.


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