Sports, Athletes and Fame

Athletes have obtained massive fame, and of course fortune, over the past hundred years. Athletes no longer make money only playing sports but use their exposure to promote their sport through all kinds of media. These athletes will use the spotlight to maximize on endorsements and sponsorship and in today’s media generation, it is almost necessary to obtain exposure in order to be successful in the sporting world.

Extreme Fame at a Young Age

sports-athletes-and-fameMany people talk about the exposure of child actors but many people do not consider the athletes that are picked off high school playgrounds and thrown into stadiums with massive pressure and investment from fans. Colleges promote certain athletes and all these athletes are usually just shy of 19 years old. Being thrown into the limelight has been a true test for many individuals and competitive athletes but these dedicated individuals seem to be successful at keeping on track due to the rigorous schedule and collective team environment.

Fleeting Fame

The career of an athlete can only last as long as either their ability is at the highest potential of their contract runs out. The contracts signed between teams and athletes that guarantee a certain income only last a number of years and there is a strong demand on the athlete. Unfortunately for most this can only last a short period of time. It may be injuries from the wear and tear of playing on the body that will exhaust an athletes career or simply the passing of their peak performance. With all of this in mind it is easy to see that athletes must be smart and have a secondary plan as many individuals playing sports professionally are unable to retire from their earnings.

The recognition of athletes has grown significantly over the years and has replaced some of the top spots that used to be held by other famous entertainment spokespeople. Athletes are dominating our entertainment industry and making themselves a household name across the world and creeping into all aspects of our lives.


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