Fleeting Fame and Fantasy Leagues

fleeting-fameThere have been a number of cases where athletes earn fame but are torn down from that platform by the media soon afterwards. The entertainment industry can be cruel as it will eat you up with love and spit you out with hate. On the flip side, it is important athletes understand their role and behave in a way that is appropriate and in good fait.These athletes are required to understand that they represent an entire team and their reputation can reflect poorly on their comrades as well as the sport but have often been ignorant of these rules and exposed by the media anyway.

Love to Hate

Fans that are thoroughly invested in sport have a deep love for their team and the game but on the other side of this deep love is a necessary hate for ‘the other’. Sporting events often facilitate the integration of fans that are opposed to each other causing some of the wildest behaviour when it comes to entertainment. Fans will ostracize and shame a team as a well as a player for a reason as simple as a misstep in the game or a personal issue that individuals don’t agree with.

Famous for Fantasy Leagues

Sports fans often become invested in the personal lives of those on their favorite team and this has become a large phenomenon in recent times with fantasy leagues. Fantasy leagues allow participants to run teams based on individual statistics and compete against their friends in tournaments. This creates even more investment on behalf of their fan as they have something riding on the athletes performance from the pride of winning a title and sometimes large cash prizes. Lottery companies have also taken advantage of using sport and game to elaborate into other forms of gaming.

Athletes are unable to keep their lives private in today’s generation which makes them open to controversy. They become famous for a skill and not what they feel personally yet when that becomes exposed there is a certain expectation on behalf of fans everywhere.


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